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Once this whole physical distancing is over there are going to be a whole ton of people who will want to catch up on getting together. I thought instead of getting stuck in where we are right now, that we should think forward and distract our minds with thoughts of what will get to do when we aren’t “grounded” anymore. (That’s just me feeling like we are all a bunch of naughty teenagers and we are grounded right now from going out!) It got me brainstorming various theme party ideas.

Plan a Theme Party

I have been looking into theme party ideas. My best friends birthday was yesterday and I didn’t get to see her and we can’t plan an outing yet. It got me thinking, if we could do a get together what would be her style. I think she would love to have a party on the deck, with a fire, some yummy snacks and good red wine. A party doesn’t always have to be elaborate, it can simply be filled with your favorite people, food and drinks. I think the weather will be nicer when it’s time to go outside and we can hang out on the deck. The kids can run around and by then I’ll have a big trampoline for them to burn some energy.

Graduation Party

My daughters graduation was cancelled because of the pandemic. Some people say some really insensitive things about this because experience give your frame of reference. To them, it’s the end of the world. It’s something they’ve worked hard for all this time. Girls and grad means beautiful dresses and the glam and dreaminess of the whole event. I’m thinking of how we can still make this happen!

Perhaps the school will do a grad just later? I’m not sure but in the meantime I was thinking a

bout decorations, food, location. of course with kids you need great music – and someone who knows what the kids the for music.

I was checking out some great decorations and invites, I could be a Pinterest sensation with this one if I really tried.

The best would be the food. I’m thinking some amazing appies and delicious drinks. It would be so fun!

Put graduation decorations, incites, activities – even DJ services…..


Summer Fun Party

Lets go to a park for a picnic or use our yard for one more great party opportunity. I can think of some excellent drinking games that would pair nicely with a hot summer day. Get out the coolers and fill them with drinks so everyone can help themselves. I hope you have a fire table, or fire bowl for the evening and are ready to cook some hot dogs or make some smores.

Go out somewhere

Since we will have all been on a hiatus from going out and having a great time why don’t you pick somewhere that you can reconnect with friends. The Rec Room is a great place here in my city where people can play games together, have food and drinks and just generally have a great time. It’s a gigantic social atmosphere.

Go Bowling

You could go bowling with a group of friends and bring on the competitive spirit! I know we have a great bowling alley in my town and as well in the city just not too far away a huge bowling alley for 10 pin as well. Everyone always has a great time even if you’re not that great at it. It’s a great way to visit and reconnect.

Hit Up a Shooting Range

What about a shooting range? Like the more adventurous activities? I know there are a lot of people that enjoy some adrenaline. The shooting range can bring just that for those of you who live more on the wild side! Have a friendly competition with some friends and see who has the best aim.

I think after being locked up for so long even the introverts will want to get out for a bit! We have an arcade in town that has a whole bunch of pinball machines and other classic video games. I went there recently and it was a ton of fun. I had no idea the place was even there but you can rent the space for a party or jsut go with friends and have a fun and unique night out.

Take a Picture Taking Walk

I suppose you could even do this during isolation. I know there are people getting on board with making a video every day of their social distancing activities. I think a picture walk could be fun in any context but once people can start hanging out again I think it would be fun to go around the city, since you will not have been out in a while, and take some pictures together!

The Bottom Line

We may be going through a crisis in our society, but wallowing is not going to help. It’s better to think forward and all about what you CAN do rather than what you can’t.

During this time, maybe make a list of things you want to change going forward. I know for me, I’ve been thinking more about how I react to situations, how I speak to others, that I could show more kindness, that I could be a better listener sometimes. This time of quiet, opens the door for reflective solitude. It helps me see how I can be better in this world. I want to reach out to my friends, and make more time for that. I want to be a better, more supportive family member and have the family over more often. Even though there’s doom and gloom I’m finding reasons each day to be excited about life. I think party planning is the perfect first step.

What will you do when you’re not in social isolation anymore?? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below:)

6 thoughts on “Theme Party Ideas”

  1. Some great ideas for when this is all over, and even for now. I can’t wait to throw a big party when we can all get together again, it already feels like so long ago. Hope you can do something for your daughter’s graduation. It’s especially hard for people missing out on really important moments like this. All the best to you and your family. Let the fun times roll!

    • We will for sure be planning something for her. I’m not going to let her miss out. I’m kind of thinking the school will help out too but we shall see. With all the technology we can have online get togethers too just to see our friends and family:)

  2. Yes, so many people are so used to going out that because of these issues they feel loss staying at home the good part is Gods willing these issues will come to an end hopefully soon where we can once again engage in those clean funfilled healthy activities.


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