Ninja Foodi – Better than an Instapot

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Ninja Foodi – Change your appliance, change your life! 

I came across this magical appliance and was so excited to write about it. It’s called the Ninja Foodi. This device will replace your InstaPot in a heart beat. It not only cooks food, but can “grill” it too. The days of trying to cook the perfect steak are over. You will get one each and every time.

Now I know some of you are loyal to what you already have. Perhaps there’s someone in your house that prides them self on their amazing grilling abilities and doesn’t want to look back. I’m with you, I do love yummy food fresh off the barbecue too!

Day to day though sometimes I want the full meal deal, done well and right and in a short period of time. This device can do just that. Plus I’m not amazing with the barbecue.

So what is this amazing gadget? Well it’s your Instapot and Air Fryer combined! 

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Don’t be intimidated by it’s look. It’s a bit bulky but would save space compared to having the insta pot and the air fryer. It comes with removable pressure lid, crisping basket and the control panel is in a simple digital format.

This handy dandy gadget can:

  • Pressure Cook
  • Steam
  • Slow Cook
  • Sear/Saute
  • Air Crisp
  • Bake
  • Broil

The way you use it is pretty much the same as your slow cooker, Airfryer or Instapot. You just put in the ingredients and choose the function. There is even a little cook book that comes with it so you can get the hang of it. I think it’s the perfect gadget for someone who isn’t confident with their cooking skills. I think I could even teach my 17 year old to use it and maybe she would stop complaining that there’s no food! (There always is it’s just she doesn’t want to cook it haha.)

Steaks and Chicken Wings Cooked to Perfection

I know someone who cooked steaks in the Ninja Foodie. Steaks are a bit of a beast for me because I can never seem to get it right. I love steak though so I’m always trying. With the Ninja Foodi all you have to do is season, place inside the Foodi press the function you want to get it going and in about 20 minutes you have PERFECTLY cooked steak! Like melt in your mouth delicious!

I’m also equally excited to cook chicken wings. I have to say I could eat wings every single day and probably never get sick of it. The Foodi could crisp them up just perfectly because there’s nothing better than crispy chicken wings. I love salt and pepper wings, or wings sprinkled with a little salt and lime and then there’s saucy wings with Franks (also a staple in my house).

Whatever it is you choose to make, it’s pretty much fool proof. I love that it decreases the amount of fat needed for cooking and is a one pot deal so makes cleaning up after a total breeze.

Looking to try the Ninja Foodie? It’s for a great price at Amazon and you can find all the accessories there too.


6 thoughts on “Ninja Foodi – Better than an Instapot”

  1. Wow! To say I’m impressed is actually an understatement considering what this can do. I actually like gadgets that can multiple task. This ninja foodie is always better in quality and performance. Thankfully you have shared it here and also given details about the things it can do. God bless you because I am getting this today or tomorrow.

  2. I love the features and capabilities that this Ninja Foodi kitchen appliance offers! After reading through your review, I am convinced that this is a kitchen cooking tool that I will buy. It just is so versatile and can help save space and allow more creativity in my cooking.

    It sounds like you are also convinced that the Ninja Foodi is the answer to a few different appliances. The footprint may be a bit bigger, but when you consider all the cooking tools it will replace, my guess is that you will end up with more counter-space.

    Thanks for the tip I am going now to check this out on Amazon. I am sure this may be a bit higher in price than some of the appliances it replaces, but overall for the versatility and the many tools it replaces, it is a good investment. I like being able to do more with less, so the extra money is worth it.  

    • the price is actually cheaper than buying two appliances. The Ninja is a crock pot, pressure cooker and air fryer all in one so you will save money buying just the one item.

  3. Hey Tara! This Ninja Foodi is remarkable. I have had one for a few months now. What I like best is that you only have one self-contained unit to clean! In fact you can even use the pressure cooking function to clean the device. I am a single person and I don’t need to prepare large dishes for consumption. The number of cooking functions and combinations there of, is amazing. Peace, Mark.


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