I’m so into Big Brother Canada

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Big Brother Canada


What does TV have to do with relationships?

Did you know that you can be relational even when you’re watching TV?  Now some of you might groan but I love watching Big Brother Canada. It’s a popular reality show where people stay in a house with a bunch of strangers (who soon become friends) and they try to compete against each other to stay in the house until the final two people are left standing.

Group TV

I love watching this show because I love psychology and to me, it’s like a real life social experiment. It’s amazing to see what people will do for money. I can honestly say, $100,000 is not nearly enough to convince me to stay in a house with a bunch of strangers and be isolated from my loved ones. I couldn’t imagine having to hang out with people almost 24/7 and waking up in the same room as people I don’t know. UGH the horrors I can come up with.

I might be a bit twisted because even though the thought horrifies me, I love watching other people do it. I also prefer Big Brother Canada over the US version because some of the contestants are often from places in Canada that I’m familiar with. I enjoy seeing their home towns and knowing they are from my country.

Getting together to watch a show?

So how is this relevant? Well you can pick your favorite show and commit to watching it with friends. I especially enjoy watching Big Brother Canada when I have friends who are watching it too so we can discuss it. Sometimes we get together and sometimes we just text each other while it’s on.

It’s so fun to get immersed in the lives of these people who are trying to play a game but live life at the same time (sort of). Human nature really comes out when you watch what people will do to each other.

I love the intensity of the competitions. It’s always excited to try to guess ahead of time who will win and I love it even more when I’m right.

At the end of the season you could throw a fun party for everyone to come over and watch the Finale together.

Don’t just save TV time for groups of friends.

I know lots of people think watching tv isn’t very relational. I think it can be if you do it right. Sit with your partner and snuggle up on the couch so you can watch your show together. It opens up opportunities to chat together about things that aren’t work related or family related and you can really just enjoy having a chit chat.

It also offers you guaranteed and dedicated time together.romance

Most TV series are on at certain times in the week. Commit to each other that you’ll always watch it together and then you have an automatic time scheduled to be together and connect. Give each other shoulder rubs while you watch your show. Have some yummy appies, or make a charcuterie board to munch on. Talk during commercials about what the show is about and what you think will happen next. Better yet, make commercials the time when you sneak in a kiss and some closeness.

Some great shows to get into together


Have you seen “YOU” yet? If not, you need to check it out. Everyone I’ve told about this show gets sucked in so very YOUquickly. I marathon watched it alongside my 17 year old and we talked about it constantly. Then I got some friends into it and omg my phone was lighting up with play by play. So many twists and turns and unpredictable moments.

The show is based around a guy, who seems quite frankly like an average Joe. He falls in love hard and fast and then becomes somewhat obsessed with his lovers but in a way that’s almost romantic – until you discover what he’s up to. This show is a must watch psychological thriller if you want a good conversation piece.

The SinnerThe Sinner

Another series I like is The Sinner. It’s short so if you want to try committing to a show with a romantic partner but want something short so you can test drive if this will work for you this show is the one. Each season has the same idea – a “who done it” kind of concept but mostly with different characters and the story is always brand new. There are three seasons so far, I was hooked and marathon watched each season. The first two are currently on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. It’s a bit intense so be prepared to snuggle.

Animal Kingdom

Feeling bad about your dysfunctional family life? Nothing more therapeutic than watching a show about one that’s more dysfunctional than yours. If you want something intense this is the show for you. All about a woman (they call her Smurf) who through the years has taken Animal kingdomin teens and pretty much turned them into money making machines, through criminal activity. They all have their own stories within the story and there’s lots of intense crime, sex, partying, family drama to go around. It’s sure to put you on the outside of whatever ails you regarding your own family these days.

This is Us

For something a little softer this show is fantastic. All about a family who lost their father early on and the story is all about them reminiscing about the past, trying to heal in the present and looking toward the future. The perfect family drama that will likely have you crying during every episode, but hey nothing brings friends closer than some shared emotions.

Give TV time a chance

Now I’m not suggesting every date night turn into TV night. That could quickly get in the way of important relational things like talking, laughing together and just being present for one another. I think with the hustle and bustle of life it’s good to slow down once in a while and just have a nice night of relaxing together. A show gives you both something to look forward to that comes with very little effort.

Let me know what you choose!

Are you having a Big Brother Canada get together? Maybe you are having a finale party. Do you watch a favorite show with your friends or maybe even your partner? I want to hear about it! Tell me in the comments section below:)


14 thoughts on “I’m so into Big Brother Canada”

  1. Thanks Tara.

    I loved “Joe” after you recommended it. I was hooked immediately.

    You mentioned “Big Brother” do you know what the tennis player’s name is?

  2. Quite an interesting post and I must confess that I agree with you that the fact that proper relationship can be built while watching TV together. Personally, I try all my best to.make out time for my family to spend with them while watching TV series because it gives us so much more to share in common and a lot to look forward to. Great post

  3. I’ve watched a few episodes of this reality show and so i can understand why you are so into Big Brother Canada.  I’ve never before looked into it the way that you have but now i can see how it can be likened to a real life social experiment as you put it.

  4. I think good bonds can be made when you fully immerse yourself and can make a connection with those in the program and those watching. Big brother has been a phenomenon, but it’s not for all. Psychologically the impact on viewers and contestants has been amazing.

    • I agree. Big Brother certainly is not for everyone. There are a lot more shows featured in the post though that are really cool and suspenseful. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Tara, thank you for this article. I never understood people that watch big brother, for me, it is just a waste of time. But this is just my personal opinion. On the other hand, I agree with you about watching tv-shows with a partner can improve the relationship. Currently, I’m watching Orphan Black with my girlfriend, it is a great show and I recommend it if you didn’t sow it already.

    • I know a lot of people that agree with you about big brother. I can understand the point of view tha tit’s a waste of time. I haven’t heard of Orpha Black but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. This article I’m so into big brother Canada is a great example of how television and the internet if used correctly can actually provide us benefits instead of problems in our lives, you can add to your family time by adding the right television programs to be more enjoyable and more memorable for your children and yourself.

    Great point and suggestions for families


  7. I have to admit to despising reality TV, whatever form it takes. Nothing real about any of it. It’s all engineered or scripted. The TV companies love it because it’s dirt cheap to make. It also tends to pander to people’s baser natures.

    I did like The Sinner though. I’m much more into escapist, episodic or arc-driven storylines. I get enough of real life in…well…real life. I don’t need another load of it on TV! 🙂

    • HAHA you make some very good points Gary!!! I do like mindless tv once in a while which is why I watch it. I couldn’t do it all the time though. I’m waiting for Season 4 of The Sinner to come on Netflix. Can’t wait!


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