How to Socialize Online

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As I stated in a previous post I had decided with this isolation to reach out to a particular group of people and help. Since I’m single, I thought this might be a great place to start. I’ve been organizing group chats on a video platform called Zoom for other people just like me who might be bored and lonely, looking for some human contact.

How to Socialize Online through Video

In my group chat I get everyone to introduce themselves and tell a fun fact. Then since you have to chat one by one I get people to come up with a question for the group that everyone will have to answer. The questions are something you would ask when you are first meeting someone. I wanted to do a speed date type thing but I don’t know how to make that work on this platform yet. I saw a Meetup that is doing speed dating online so I’m going to join one of those to see how it works and then maybe I’ll be able to facilitate something.

How to socialize Online and build connections

I have been even meeting new girlfriends online. We are all single ladies and are planning some fun activities together in groups for when lock down lifts. I think this keeps us all thinking positive and having something to look forward to. We are group chatting and getting to know each other a bit. We will likely do some group Zooms.

One friend I’ve met is going to have a musician she knows do a concert in her back yard for her neighbors to enjoy. She’s going to also have it on Zoom so people can listen and enjoy and chat in the chat rooms.

Socialize online and share ideas

I’m using Wealthy Affiliate to build my blog and communicate with others online. I love learning and this has been a great way to keep my mind busy and still feel like I’m part of a community.

I also use  Pinterest and love seeing food and drink recipe ideas. I enjoy reading inspirational quotes and getting party ideas. Great platform for feeling connected to other people.

Since I’m talking about sharing here are some great ideas I’d like to share with you that you can perhaps try out. Right now since everyone is cooking I thought I would try to feature some great cooking gadgets to try.

Ninja Foodi

I’ve posted about this one before but I just can’t say enough about it. You can do everything under the sun with this thing. Right now, with being home more and eating out less you can do restaurant style food easily in this gadget. The Ninja Foodi, is a pressure cooker, air fryer and crock pot all in one! It even cooks stead to perfection with a grilled type flavor to it. This is great for the beginner in the kitchen or even the expert. It comes with a cook book but there’s tons of ideas online to help you choose what to try with it. I’m looking forward to parties on my deck and I’m sure I’ll be able to bang out some amazing appies with this.

Share drink ideas

When I do my Zoom Video groups I tell everyone to bring a drink. Doesn’t have to be alcohol however a lot of people do choose that. We all cheers and share what we have in our cup. I’m thinking of doing a video sometime on my page here with drink mixing ideas. It would be fun and interactive. Here’s an awesome drink machine that is very popular and would get a lot of use int he summer for your back yard get togethers. I’m an optimist and you WILL have summer people! Lets all put that out into the universe!!!

Have a Fire

I moved to my place in October. I love the deck and back yard and can’t wait to buy a fire table to sit around this summer. My teenager wants a fire that she can make smores on and sit around with her friends. I guess we will have to compromise. Now that the weather is SLOWLY getting warmer I’m feeling hopeful that this will happen. EVen still since we can’t have many friends over, make a fire and sit outside. Look at the stars and find peace that way. You can video call your friends or family and get them to do the same. While it won’t be exactly the same it will be nice to sit out there chatting knowing you’re all sharing an experience together.

This is the season for patio furniture shopping! There’s so much to choose from and I bet there’s going to be more and more deals! Be frugal but fantastic all at the same time:)


There are always ways to socialize online. We don’t have many options these days so it’s good to make the best of it. Think positive. Find joy each day. Build relationships – existing or new and try to get yourself out of the norm. Hopefully soon I’ll be running games during my online Zoom group sessions which will make it even more interactive and fun.

How are you finding ways so socialize these days? Let me know in the comments below!

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