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Lately I have been craving fondue. I love going to one of our local Fondue Restaurants for a four course meal. When I go out to eat I enjoy having things I don’t normally have at home, or I just simply like being out having a wonderful food experience. If you have a place called The Melting Pot in your area try it out. It’s perfect for a night out with friends or even a little romance with your partner. At the location near me, you can get a small private booth that has frosted glass around it with rose petals inside the glass.

When you go to a fondue restaurant be prepared for it to be a long evening. As stated, it’s a food experience. You’ll be talking, enjoying some wine or drink of your choice and dipping your food in various fondue sauces.

Have Fondue at Home

This is why I’m dying to have Fondue at home. It’s the perfect way to hang with your friends or family members, eat and visit. We used to do this as a family every New years and sit at the table playing games. My family really likes chocolate fondue. I don’t eat chocolate so I like the cheese or broth fondues the best.

Many choices of Fondue Sets

There’s a variety of Fondue Sets you can purchase. You can get sets that use a flame to keep the sauce, broth or chocolate warm or an electric set. Personally I prefer the electric sets which i feel are easier to manage for temperature control but I’ve had flame sets that work perfectly fine.

Flame Fueled Fondue Set

Here we have the flame fueled Fondue Set.  This handy set has a cast iron bowl which is extremely durable. You can prepare the fondue on any stovetop first using this fondue pot. There are color coded forks to make it easy for you and your guests to ensure you have your own fork each time. The bowl is a nice size so makes for easy storage and it is dishwasher safe.



Electric Fondue Set

I love electric fondue sets. This particular one is good for chocolate, cheese, brother or oil. It includes the base, bowl, temperature probe, 8 fondue forks and a fork rack. The look is elegant, with the bushed stainless-steel bowl which has a nonstick interior. The dimensions are 6.12 inch x 10.50 inch x 7.00 inch (LxWxH).

Different Types of Fondue

There are different types of Fondue. I like doing the three course meal – cheese for appies, then broth for the main course and chocolate for dessert. For the appies you can do cubes of bread with mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes and even apples are delicious.

For the main course different types of meat such as steak, chicken and various types of seafood are the most common choices. Most people also include potatoes.  You put the raw meat into the broth on the end of your fondue fork and let it cook in there to your desired doneness. This is part of why the fondue meal is hours long.

For dessert many people enjoy chocolate. There are varying types of chocolate that you can create for this. There is strawberries, sponge cakes cubed up and brownies that are often used for this portion.

For various recipes there are a ton of resources out there to help you find one that you would love. There are many online resources or a perfect purchase to include with your new Fondue Set would be a cook book.


So next time you are having a get together, think about hosting a Fondue Party. It’s a great food experience with lots of choices for everyone. Put out some drinks and have a great time.

Have you hosted a Fondue Party? Do you have a favorite place you like to go for fondue? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Happy Eating!


13 thoughts on “Host a Fondue Party”

  1. I love fondue, but I’ve always wondered how you go about creating one at your own house if you ever decide to host a party or other event. The fact that you’ve shown 2 different fondue sets that you can use at your own house shows how much you love fondue yourself and it makes me happy as I now have a way of making fondue at home. I like the idea of the electric fondue set the most and I love the look of the stainless steel bowl that comes with it. Now all I need is some great recipes for fondue which you’ve also provided, buy a fondue set and I’m good to go! Chocolate fondue is definitely my favorite followed closely by cheese. Which other ones have you tried before that are really good?

  2. I love me some cheese!! Do you have a favorite kind of fondue? I have actually never made it myself before. Do you have any favorite recipes that you use? Thanks for the cool entertaining idea. I have an old 1970’s era fondue pot that my parents got as a wedding gift. I am finally going to try it out.   

    • Wow that fondue set must be super cool! I like Cheese fondues the best. Using a recipe book like the one featured in the article is usually the best way to figure out recipes! 

  3. Excellent idea! I’ve really only had chocolate dessert fondue in the past, but I’m really interested in trying it out for appetizers and a main course. My wife loves to host, so I’ll mention this to her, especially as the weather continues to get better here. If I had to choose between the flame fueled and electric, I’d also go with the electric as it seems to be easier to manage. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

    • The electric is way less fuss and I think it keeps the temperature far better. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you and your wife try it out! Excellent and fun way to entertain.

  4. I really love fondue alot as I always on my Friday outings with my friends….my favourite is cheese fondue  with some little toppings. Having a fondue party would be a great idea I have never thought of it before,all I have to do is get a fondue pot and other tools,but do you have a recipe that I could try out??

  5. This is a great idea for something to spend vacations with. A fondue party!

    Among the fondue sets listed, I think the electric fondue set is one of the best. It works no matter what type of fondue is in the mind  or on the menu. It keeps the cheese, the chocolate, broth and all where they should be: at the delicious path!

    Also before I read this post my idea of fondue was limited when it comes to varieties. I’ve learnt many more fondue dishes to try out. I wonder if there’s a tutorial for them? Anyway, the post on its own was informative. Thanks for sharing the creative idea! There’s something to do at the weekend.

    • I think you’ve given me a good idea for my webpage John. Perhaps I will start doing some tutorial videos. Thanks for stopping by. 

  6. Tara, thank you so much for reminding me how much fun Fondue evenings are. I have been to the Melting Pot in Edmonton twice and agree it is an enjoyable experience but for a family of four it was expensive.

    I have a flame fueled Fondue set somewhere buried in a cupboard but feel the need to upgrade and follow your suggestion and invest in an electric one for safety reasons. My friends are a rowdy bunch and there is a good chance after a few drinks with a flame fueled Fondue set they could burn my house down. Thanks again for sharing, I look forward to your next brilliant idea.

    • Hi Carrie,

      I’m glad you are thinking about safety when it comes to having fun with your friends. Fondue is a great way for everyone to be able to eat, drink and have a chat. I hope you’ll have a little fondue get together soon!


  7. This is all new to me Tara, haha. I guess we learn new things all the time. For hosting a get together party fondue sounds like a great idea plus you’ve provided some recipes to experiment with. I’ll start introducing it to my family and then later invite friends for them to have a good experience. Thanks for sharing.


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