Fun During Social Distancing

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While the world feelings like it’s spinning out of control it may be hard for some people to think of what to do next. I tend to prefer to focus on what I CAN do rather than what I CAN’T.

 Having Fun During Social Distancing

I know that seems contradictory but the reality is you can have fun with your family during social distancing. Tomorrow night we plan to make quarantinis and play games. We will eat snacks, drink and just spend time together. This is one good thing I can see coming out of this mess, people will learn to communicate and spend time in person together again with their loved ones.

Look forward to a Show together

I’ve noticed an up rise in cable companies sending out messages on how they plan to help people during COVID-19. I’ve seen everything from in theatre movies will show up in the on demand categories of your TV Listings. There will be more new series to watch and more kids channels offered. This is a great opportunity to get hooked on a series and find time to watch it together.

Watch together with Netflix Party

Here is a fun one. You can now watch shows together with your friends online. Netflix has created “Netflix Party” where you can download an extension to your browser that will allow you to watch shows with your friends while you’re all online at home. Chat windows will pop up so you can discuss and everyone can hang out together from afar. Most people text while they watch tv anyway so really, this is just a more exciting way to stay engaged while you tune in.



We will be going out less and building structure and routine is important to keep our lives happy. Try to start an at home exercise program since the gyms are all closing. You can do this solo or together with a family member. This is a great way to keep your spirits up and keep yourself feeling great. I’m starting the Body Boss program that I purchased a while ago but unfortunately I have not been diligent and I’ve been letting things get in the way of building a routine. Now I’m committing and I might even try to tap into their online community to keep me feeling inspired. We are all working remotely so I’m hoping when we go back to work I’ll be looking better and ready to keep my routine in place.

Also if you’re going to be working from home and you’re not used to this, try to get outside on your lunch hour. The air outside actually isn’t contaminated, even though a lot of people are acting as though it is. It’s good to regroup and get some time away from your work.

Good Time to figure out a new hobby

I recently got into blogging and learning about web design. I was bored because my life has drastically changed this past year and I really didn’t know what to do with myself. I have been having so much fun trying out things in the online world. It’s really opened my eyes to the world of marketing and also to what going on behind the scenes of the web pages I’m browsing every single day. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I’m using and you can try it out here.

Learn a new skill

Since you’ll likely be browsing the web, get online and commit to learning a new skill. You can take music lessons or learn a new language. There’s also an endless supplly of online courses you can take. Maybe use this as an opportunity for professional or personal development and enhance some area of your life.

Connect with your teenagers

Some people are ignoring the fact that teenagers have just lost a lot in their lives becaue of social distancing.  Take this time to really gauge where your teenagers are at. A lot of them have lost the majority of their social lives, maybe school trips and grad parties have been cancelled. Maybe they have even lost their part time jobs. What a devastating time for them. Kids don’t have the life experience to know how to navigate these types of events. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about wha tis happening. See if they have solutions or if they need help finding some. Try to engage them in things along with you if you are able during the day and perhaps this is a great time to bring back meal time at the table. It’s quite easy to put out some food and just spend that time together. Let them know you care about what they are going through and try to find ways to laugh together.

Most of all stick together

If you know you have family members that are self isolating, or struggling with social distancing,  give them a call and see if you can drop anything off for them. Ensure that everyone is alright and be a supportive person. Now is the time for people to come together as families and community members and look out for the best interests of all. There’s always a way to help out another person. Isolation is also very hard on people and this is a good way to ensure that people don’t get depressed. Take turns dropping off special treats for each other or something. Just be kind.

Have you thought of an excellent way to keep yourselves busy during social distancing? If so, I would love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Fun During Social Distancing”

  1. This is the perfect post during this horrible corona pandemic. I saw a meme the other day that out of this pandemic, we all can be a chef and a mixologist. I agree that this is a perfect time to find a new hobby, for me has been pickling food (preserving food lol) I also find that I finally have time to read more books. For now we all just have to stick together. Fyi, FaceTiming your friends and eat together is rewarding as well. 



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