Entertaining During Social Isolation

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In the wake of the Pandemic I think it’s important to remember the importance of community. I know we are in the midst of being ask to socially isolate but being in person with other people is so important. It doesn’t have to be a large gathering but it’s a great idea to just be able to hang out and see each other.

Wine Night

My girl friend called me yesterday to come over for a chit chat and wine. See how simple that is? No fan fare needed – just simply hang out, drink some good wine, and catch up on the latest life news. It’s always nice to meet up at a friends house because it’s comfortable and right now, it likely a bit safer anyway.

Video Games

Video Games are known for being isolating but I think you can spend time together playing and them and do just fine. My youngest daughter and I have been known to play Mario Kart and Super Mario together and we have a great time. You’d be surprised how intense and game of Mario Kart can get haha.

Also you can play online games with your kids. I know my girl and I have played minecraft together and built some pretty amazing houses and things. She’s really good at it actually and very creative so this is an opportunity for her to showcase her skills and teach me something. Kids can be great leaders.

Girls Night IN

What about a girls night in. There’s tons of things you can buy to support this. There are all kinds of Girls Night in Books and packs that you can buy with get together ideas. I’d say you could put out some yummy snacks, have some cocktails ready and let the night play out. I think it’s also fun to watch a finale together, like Big Brother or The Bachelor if everyone has been following along of course.

Girls Night

What about everyone getting together to support one another in their side hustle. So many women are out there trying to start up their own businesses and are getting their ideas going. You could compare notes and offer each other ideas. It’s motivating to have the support of others.

Guys Night In

Oh don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the dudes out there. I know someone who has a bunch of pin ball machines in their basement. It’s pretty much the ultimate oasis for the gamer guy. There’s also video games. What a great place to get together and have a good time. Host a night to watch some sports, have a cook off in the summer where everyone makes their best chili or lasagna. Have a BBQ and play games in the back yard. It’s easy to get together and just hang out and recharge with your friends.

What if your Family is your Friends

This can be done in the same way. In the winter not as easily but you could plan a weekend get away to the mountains where everyone can go skiing. In the summer months my family used to go to Jasper, Alberta and stay at a quaint place just outside town. We would spend the days visiting and being outside. Going on hikes and site seeing. What a great way to spend time together.

Another tradition of ours is going on picnics. There’s always great parks around and lots to do that way. I like to also find a place with a beach sometimes so the kids can be in the water.

Couples Date Night In

I’ve seen this done as a great get together idea. I have even seen couples get together for a games night with other couples they don’t know – kind of like a Meetup. I find with the way people are moving around these days it’s harder and harder to have solid friendships. I think it’s good to step outside the box and meet other people. Nothing makes a relationship stronger than having other people to socialize with and have a good time. I know you and your partner are great together solo, but sometimes hosting some fun just isn’t a bad idea.

Game Ideas

Cards Against Humanity

Yup This one is perfectly inappropriate and it’s fun too hehe. Take a chance and try it with your friends at your next get together. Don’t blame it on me if anyone gets in a fight though HA!

What Do you Meme?

Another fun, slightly inappropriate game. If you’ve got a dirty mind then this one will work great for you. I wouldn’t advise playing it with family though. It will get some good laughs and add to your great time.

Exploding Kittens

This game makes me laugh. I’m a cat lover so the title is just so inappropriate but I think it’s so funny that you draw cards until you “explode the kitten” I love the game because it gets you feeling a bit tense. Who thinks up this stuff anyway????

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

No this game is not about getting drunk or stoned (but you can if you want). It’s also not for snowflakes. Someone draws a card, then gives it to the person who they think best matches the scenario. Don’t get all uppity it’s just a game people! Could make for some laughs for you and your besties.

How are you getting through this time of social isolation? I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below!

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